Diabetic Eyecare

Properly Caring For Your Eyes When You're A Diabetic

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes there are a number of things you have to do to make sure your vision stays as clear and as sharp as possible. It is important to note that diabetes destroys the smaller vessels in the eyes and this can lead to irreparable damage to your sight. Here at Lakeside Eye Associates in Huntersville, our team of optometry professionals wants people to be aware of the importance of diabetic eye care and the things they need to do to maintain their sight.

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How Uncontrolled Hypertension and Hyperglycemia Affect Your Eyes

Diabetics have to be extremely careful in regards to their blood pressure levels and keeping them within normal range. Diabetics already have circulatory problems whether they recognize them for what they are or not. For example, if you notice you are losing feeling in your toes, or you have numbness in constant numbness in one or both of your upper or lower extremities, those are signs of neurological and circulatory problems. Diabetes is a disease process that causes the vessels in the eyes to constrict, which causes a decrease in the amount of blood and nutrients the eyes receive. This can cause distorted vision, which can lead to ocular migraines and temporary vision loss.

When diabetics are unable to control their blood sugars the tissues in the eyes swell. This leads to an inability to focus and can temporarily blur the vision. High sugar levels also cause the fluid levels in the eyes to change. Our optometry team wants you to be aware that there can be changes in medications or your diabetes care plan that could cause blurred vision. Those changes are normal and are generally expected; however, sustained and persistent changes to the vision are not normal and should be evaluated by an eye doctor as soon as possible in addition to the provider charged with managing your diabetes.

Things You Can Do To Engage In Better Diabetic Eyecare Practices

One of the most important things you can do for your eyes is to get the rest of you up and moving. Exercise is essential in regards to helping you maintain your weight which helps to lower blood sugar levels and keep hypertension at bay. In addition, exercise also helps to lower cholesterol levels and improve circulation. Modifying your diet to include whole grains, vegetables, fruits and lean proteins like fish and chicken also goes a long way in terms of protecting your eyes when you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes.

Visual Changes And Seeking Help

It is paramount for anyone who is diabetic to see an eye care professional yearly to have a comprehensive eye exam with dilation, and to have the pressures in their eyes checked. If at any time you experience a loss of sight in one or both eyes, dark spots, flashes of light or blurry vision you should see an eye doctor immediately. If you are a diabetic in Huntersville and you are not currently engaged in proper diabetic eye care, give Lakeside Eye Associates a call at 704-810-1017 to schedule an appointment today.

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