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  • An Eye on the Future
    Make an appointment today. Your future suddenly became a whole lot clearer.

Welcome to Lakeside Eye Associates

Your Source For Eye Care in Huntersville and Mooresville

We're delighted that your eyes have made contact withthe official website for Lakeside Eye Associates! Our optometrist in Huntersville,Dr. Brad Hearn,serves families just like yours in Huntersville, Davidson, Cornelius and the generalLake Norman area -- an we look forward to earning your trust as well. You'll find that our skilled optometry team provides a wide range of primary eyecareservices to help you and your loved ones protect their vision for many years to come.

Preventative eyecare is critically important for all ages, and our eye doctor and his team can perform eye health, eye function and vision evaluations on a regular schedule. These easy, painless evaluations give us a chance to detect serious issues such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and other problems as early in their development as possible -- which means you can get the treatment you need in time to protect your eyesight.

Services at Lakeside Eye Associates

Our eye doctor can also help you with other eye issues that interfere with your health and comfort. Dry eyes, for instance, can cause irritation, redness and vision problems while making the eye more vulnerable to infections and damage. OurLakeNorman eye doctorcan provide the necessary treatment, lifestyle counseling and other eyecare to helpyouget your dry eyes under control. We can also treat conjunctivitis and othercommon discomforts.

Regular vision testing lets us identify and correct refractive errors that cause eye strain and impair your ability to read, write, driveand generally enjoy life. Our Huntersville optometrist can determine your exact corrective lens prescription and provide you with stylish glasses to correct astigmatism, myopia, hyperopia and presbyopia. Our eye doctor can also provide the necessary additional testing to fit you for contact lenses. Modern multifocalcontact lenses can correct presbyopia just as bifocal ormultifocal eyeglasses do.

Contact Lenses In Huntersville and Mooresville

One of the most exciting advances in contact lens technology, Ortho-K, enables many people to enjoy crisp, clear daytime vision without wearing any corrective lenses. Ortho-K contact lenses are designed to be worn at night, during sleep. These special lenses gently and temporarily re-contour your corneas, permitting you to wake up to terrific vision that can last for days at a time.

If you're interested in long-lasting, lens-free vision correction such as LASIK laser eye surgery, or you need another kind of eye surgery such as cataract removal, you can rely on the Lakeside Eye Associates optometry team for essential backup and support. We will counsel and educate you on your condition and your surgical options, do all the preliminary testing and measurement and refer you to a skilled eye surgeon for the procedure. We will then follow up by monitoring your post-operative condition through periodic eye evaluations and vision testing.

Get to Know Our Optometrist in Huntersville

Take the first step toward healthier eyes for the whole family. Call 704-896-3311 for an initial consultation so you can get to know our optometrist in Huntersville!

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Meet The Staff

Learn Who We Are

  • Dr.
    Brad Hearn

    Dr. Hearn, a North Carolina native, received his undergraduate degree in Biology from Elon College. Dr Hearn received his Doctor of Optometry from Pennsylvania College of Optometry in Philadelphia Pa.

    Dr. Hearn began practicing in 1986. His office is located in Huntersville NC serving the Birkdale Community and Lake Norman area.

    Dr. Hearn provides comprehensive vision care and excellent patient care through high quality performance and innovative diagnostic technology. He served as the President of the Piedmont Optometric Society and is currently a Clinical Examiner for the National Board of Examiners in Optometry.

    Dr. Hearn is a member of the Davidson United Methodist Church in Davidson, NC. He resides in Huntersville with his wife and 3 children. In his free time he enjoys waterskiing and snow skiing.

  • Dr.
    Alexa Lupfer

    Dr. Lupfer grew up just outside Atlanta, Georgia. She received her undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech and then went on to earn her Doctor of Optometry at the Illinois College of Optometry in Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Lupfer completed her residency training in Ocular Disease at the Baltimore VA Hospital in 2003.

    Dr. Lupfer practiced optometry at an ocular disease center in Baltimore and at a private practice in Crofton, Maryland for a year before relocating to Charlotte. She has been working with Dr Hearn at Lakeside Eye Associates in Huntersville since 2008.

    In her free time, Dr. Lupfer enjoys spending time with her family, reading, traveling and volunteering at her son’s school.

  • Dr.
    Brandi Salazar

    Dr. Salazar was born and raised in Michigan. She attended Western Michigan University for her undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Chemistry. She moved to Memphis, TN to pursue her doctorate degree at The Southern College of Optometry where she graduated as a member of The Beta Sigma Kappa Honors Society.

    Dr. Salazar was an associate at a private practice in South Carolina, where she served as president of the local optometric society, before joining Lakeside Eye Associates in 2015. She enjoys focusing on family and pediatic eye care. Dr. Salazar is an InfantSEE provider, which offers complementary eye health and vision examinations for infants ages 6-12 months old.

    Dr. Salazar enjoys traveling the Carolinas, hiking, running, and staying active with her husband and two dogs. She is a member of Crossroads Methodist Church in Concord, NC where she volunteers regularly.

  • Dr.
    Julie Cole

    Dr. Cole was born and raised in Iowa.  She attended Iowa State University where she earned her undergraduate degree in Biology.  After college, she moved to Boston, MA where she received her Doctor of Optometry degree, graduating with honors from the New England College of Optometry.  Dr. Cole completed her residency training in Ocular Disease at the White River Junction VA Hospital in 2008.    

    Dr. Cole was hired to work as an attending doctor in Vermont at the White River Junction VA hospital after her residency and then went on to work at a private hospital outside of Boston before moving to North Carolina in 2011.  Most recently, she was an associate at a private practice in North Carolina before joining Lakeside Eye Associates in 2016. 

    Dr. Cole lives in Mooresville with her husband, two young daughters, and dog.  When she’s not working, Dr. Cole enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and reading.  


Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

    "Very friendly, knowledgeable and thorough! Not a long wait either."

    Jennifer K.

    "Dr. Anderson and his staff are so patient and friendly. Dr. Anderson prescribed me glasses and I had the toughest time picking out frames. They didn’t rush, but instead made helpful suggestions and now I have an awesome pair of frames, not to mention the fact that I can see ten times better than before. You guys are the best!"


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